Thursday, January 19, 2012

Grip checkering vice.

Got the idea for this looking at engraving vices. I think it turned out pretty nice, I'll machine an engraving vice later from larger material with a bearing to make it easier to work on larger pieces.

The base was cut from Claro (Paradox) Walnut, unfortunately it was still wet when cut and warped too much to be usable when it dried.. I'll pick up a piece of Franquette walnut that's already dried and redo the base soon. This will be good practice for practicing the traditional Alkanet Root stain done on fine English firearms.

1018CR mild steel. 3.875" diameter steel ball with a 2" pad for the vice jaws to mount to. Tapped for 5/8-16 stud. Cut on a Birmingham YCL-2280.  I think I had about 2hrs machine time on this, excluding polishing.

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