Thursday, January 19, 2012

Christmas stuff

Here's a few projects I did for Christmas. I can't believe I crammed all of this into about 6 weeks.

A bracelet I made for a co-worker to give to his daughter. This is made from Amboyna burl. Cut for a flame pattern. Unfortunately I did not take any photos after final polish.

A bracelet I made for my mother from Redwood root burl.

Wine bottle stoppers I made. The red ones are Cocobolo and I gave them to my stepmother. The other one is Black and White Ebony and was given to a friend back in Dallas.

This is a knife I made for my Father with some of the Redwood root burl. I apologize for the lens flare but it was the only way the grain showed up. Once again I failed to get a photo after final polish.

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